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Group courses at ours or yours from 1 to 3 days with coordinated content and seminar character.


Individual courses at ours or yours from 1 to 3 days with coordinated content and deepening possibility.


One-day courses on exclusive special topics with us or with them with a strongly practical, advanced character.


Group seminars from 2 to 4 days in their premises on given topics and with regular supervision.

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Do you want to achieve certain goals in your company, facility or institution, but you lack ways, knowledge and tools? We offer resource-saving hard- and soft skills tailored to your needs, in order to master your tasks even without previous knowledge.

We would be happy to invite you to a free and non-binding information session via video call.

Your Needs / Challenges

Many employees in companies and institutions are expected to prepare and produce multimedia information independently or in working groups so that it is available as a video clip, livestream or ‘catchy’ presentation.

However, most content is not seen and leads to frustration and disinterest. The attention span for average digital content is now so low that in most cases the investment in technology, software and equipment is questioned. The ‘know-how’, the basic content-related craft and above all the joy of dealing with multimedia media are not promoted or trained enough.

The future of digital communication lies in ‘infotainment’, i.e. high-quality audio-visual storytelling – also for information and text-heavy content. To this end, we offer the following courses and workshops as further education or individual training.

Our Solutions / Seminars

Our subject areas and courses can be combined in any way. We can flexibly adapt to existing specifications or requirements and listen to your specific questions.

  • High-quality video conferencing: Better effect in front of the camera, dealing with image, light, sound and room design as well as moderation and voice techniques for competent appearance and more presence.
  • Creative workshop as a ‘think tank’: Possibilities and format developments for future-proof audiovisual communication according to entrepreneurial potential and sustainable impact. Building of video channels, analysis tools and modes of operation on social media platforms.
  • Video production: Knowing the equipment acquired, using it correctly and exploiting it to the full. Get to know the basics of how film works and apply them to the communication of information. Shooting interviews correctly and creating suspense through visual storytelling.
  • Filming with the smartphone: Special courses for the daily companion in your pocket. Possibilities, limits and handling of sound and image. Post-production, ‘on-device’ editing for social media.
  • Digital events or livestreams: Working out the technical basics and implementation of a ‘broadcast track’ incl. appropriate but exciting visual communication through image design and speaker coaching. How to use simple TV practices to your advantage.
  • Video editing: All about storytelling and editing in post-production, as well as psychological effects, common suspense practices, dramaturgy and manipulation. Introduction to software and apps. Introduction to different codecs, parameters and requirements. Practical exercises to complete a pilot project.

Skills training for better online communication. Video as a means of dialog in the team or with the world relevant to you.
But also on general film and storytelling topics. We offer help for self-help and professional training.


They were able to take us on a two-day journey through the art of filmmaking, exploring technical aspects and editing as well as dramaturgy and personal skills. The workshop was a valuable help in developing our project and meaningful videos.

Elisabeth KorinthPERGAMON MUSEUM

A great, sold-out webinar that more than met my expectations. A special dialogue, conducted with passion and a focus on human connection. It became very clear that these approaches represent the core of storytelling...and reach.


We gained profound competencies in Infotainment and digital communication. In the two-day workshop, we were introduced to multimedia storytelling in an inspiring way. Together we conceptualized concrete video formats.

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YouTube Channel

Over 5M views on our own projects.

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