Rebel Of The Horizon

A story of resistance against the suppression of one’s own voice and culture. Also a story of an irreversible, personal decision of giving up everything and the courage of a woman, who, like 1,000 other young women, went “into the mountains”…only to leave everything behind once again years later to fight for the freedom of art as a singer. CURRENTLY IN PRODUCTION, following the theme of 'The Female Voice of Kurdistan' (upcoming music festival in Berlin).

Client: Eigenproduktion – Kino Date: 2023 Services: Dokumentation

Launch Project


Andreas Rochholl begleitet Sakina Teyna bei ihren Erinnerungen an Ihr Leben in den kurdischen Bergen, Oktober 2022 in Armenien
Andreas Rochholl in den kurdischen Bergen Armeniens mit Gimbal und Drohne
Sakina Teyna mit Andreas Rochholl mit Blick auf den Berg Ararat (5500 m)

In Produktion: Voraussichtliche Veröffentlichung 2024