Life After Life

LIFE AFTER LIFE (aka 'The Female Voice of Afghanistan') takes place one year after the Taliban had taken power. We talk to Afghan women artists who are now living in exile and lost everything they had worked for. German-Afghan journalist Sharmila Hashimi meets singer Sumaia Karimi at her current residence in Italy to reflect on everything that had happened and to revisit the tragedy, which also Sadiqa Madadgar had suffered first hand.

Client: Eigenproduktion – TV Date: 2022 Services: Dokumentation

Launch Project

Excerpt #1 von ‘Life After Life’: Sumaia Karimi
Excerpt #2 von ‘Life After Life’: Sadiqa Madadgar


Sumaia Karimi in Italien – Flugzeuge und Flughäfen sind für sie kein Symbol der Freiheit
Sumaia Karimi in Italien – Gesangsstunden per Smartphone in einsamer Isolation
Sumaia Karimi mit Yalda Yazdani und Sebastian Leitner in Italien
Sumaia Karimi mit Yalda Yazdani, Sharmila Hashimi und Andreas Rochholl in Italien
Sumaia Karimi mit Sharmila Hashimi und Andreas Rochholl in Italien

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