Female Voice Of Afghanistan

(2021, VOD) Virtual music festival about Afghan female singers and collaborations over the internet.

The Female Voice Of Iran

(2020, Cinema) Feature Documentary about female singers living inside Iran, where singing for women is strongly regulated.

Female Voice Of Iran – Music Festival

(2016-2019, Social Media Event) Live music festival in Berlin with selected Iranian female singers to collaborate and create. Our Instagram made many of them better known.

UpBeat – Carnival of Musicians

(2018–2020, Concert Broadcast) Live from Konzerthaus Vienna: The crazy duo Igudesman&Joo with Vienna Symphony Orchestra are shown every year for carnival season.

Berliner Hauptbahnhof

(2016-2020, Event Trailers) Each year Hauptbahnhof Berlin gets turned into a dance floor and meeting place of various musical styles and cultures.

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